An innovative translation system

Forget language barriers. Thanks to an instant translation service, the entire server communicates in the language of your choice. RedCraft.org brings together people from anywhere in the world.

A flexible structure

RedCraft.org has been designed and thought from the beginning for robustness and adaptability. The entire project is open source, so anyone can contribute to the project!

Join us !

As the first Minecraft server to truly welcome players from all over the world into the same community, we strive to maintain an inclusive and respectful environment for all.


Creative Build

Want to create a fantasy, realistic or any other type of build? It happens on the creative build server!

Creative Redstone

Come show off your engineering skills on the Redstone Creative Server, or learn to build complex mechanisms by collaborating with the best!

Creative Build

On this world filled with 64x64 size plots, you have the freedom to realize your build desires of any kind. With medium-sized terrains and several available for each player, you have the opportunity to build in detail or to see your projects in a big way.

Image du serveur

Creative Redstone

With 128x128 plots, you have room to build any type of construction. Whether it's piston doors, resource trusses or complex logic machines, the Redstone Creative Server is ready to host your greatest technical challenges.

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Membre du staff : Nano


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You want to contribute to the project or you need help? Do not hesitate to contact us !

A brand new multilingual Minecraft experience with an open source infrastructure of carefully crafted creative and survival servers.