Code of conduct

Respect each other

Help each other

Have fun

Respect is the basis for a healthy and constructive atmosphere. Let's not forget that not everyone has the same level of knowledge, let's respect those who have less than you and encourage their curiosity. 🤝 has among its objectives the transmission of knowledge whatever it is. Sharing is a pillar to have a united and active community. 💪
After all, we are all playing a video game! So let's try to have a good time together to have an unforgettable online experience 😉


The following section describes the various prohibited behaviors on the server. These rules are to be followed by all players, whether they are staff members or not.

  1. General
    1. General behaviour
      1. Identity theft.
      2. Have an outrageous nickname, name or profile picture.
      3. Any behavior that violates the integrity of a person or group of people (insult, provocation, discrimination, harassment, homophobia, transphobia), whether by text message, voice chat, reaction with emojis or with any other form of communication.
      4. Spamming of text and voice channels and mentions to staff.
      5. The use of SMS language in public channels.
      6. Disclosure of private information.
    2. The Discord server
      1. Punishment dodge by leaving the discord.
      2. Advertising on public channels as well as massive advertising via private channels.

  2. Minecraft
    1. General
      1. Griefing, i.e. destroying another player's building without his consent, setting traps that attack another player or stealing items.
      2. The use of cheats, i.e. software, mods or the exploitation of bugs present in the game that can provide a significant advantage, to the detriment of other players.
      3. The use of more than one Minecraft account per player.
      4. The use of software or mods intended to recover/download partially or entirely the map of the server.
      5. Continued possession of a modified item
        1. Giving the player an advantage over the others (effect, potion, etc...).
        2. Having a name or description that violates rule 1.3.
        3. Giving access to commands normally out of reach of the player.
        4. Note : If a player receives or finds an altered item corresponding to Rule 2.1.4, he/she must immediately notify the staff, give the item to a staff member and then dispose of it.
    2. Creative Redstone
      1. The creation of Clocks, i.e. systems that cause a repeated activation of the system without any necessary interaction by a player.
      2. Note : Clocks that automatically stop after a short time are tolerated as long as they can only be reactivated by player interaction.
      3. Spamming other players' Redstone systems.
      4. The appropriation of a creation that was not created by oneself.
    3. Creative Build
      1. The rules of section 2.1 apply here.
    4. Survival
      1. Collaboration: To contribute to a public project, you must first refer to the player responsible for the construction. If you wish to undertake a large project, make sure not to disturb other players who are building nearby. When in doubt, ask.
      2. All farms must be able to be deactivated to avoid lag.
      3. Abuse of unofficial mechanics
        1. such as bugs and glitches that provide an unfair advantage over other players is prohibited.
        2. Allowed Not Allowed
          Duplication of TNT Example: tunnel machine, quarry Duplication of chest, shulker and all other containers
          FreeCam Mining with Xray or using a FreeCam mod
          Autoclicker Having a Mod giving an advantage on PVP, for example Kill Aura or Kill Reach
          Automatic mining. Example: Baritone
          Note : Remark: Modified clients (mods) are unofficial mechanics.
      4. Do not destroy the constructions or goods of other players without their permission.
        1. Respect the work and efforts of others. Do not destroy or modify their buildings, crops, livestock, or any other structure. For any structure abandoned by an inactive player, permission must be requested to use the space.
        2. Note : Before modifying the terrain or borrowing someone’s belongings, make sure you have their agreement. When in doubt, ask!
      5. Stealing the belongings or resources of another player is forbidden.
      6. Unwanted PVP is prohibited. Or any other form of harassment.

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